Cut through the hype surrounding wood routers and learn what really counts when picking the best machine for the way YOU work.

A router is one of the most versatile tools commonly found in the wood shop. Because of this, the vast majority of wood working enthusiasts adds a router to their tool set at some time or another. But, how do they pick one from the hundreds available? (We searched for "wood routers" and found over 1000 choices.) How do enthusiasts chose the features right for them?

If you're such a person thinking about investing in a wood router for your own enjoyment, we suggest that you use a systematic approach to narrow down your choices. We used this approach when we bought our Porter-Cable 893PK Router Package. The key in this approach is to constantly ask yourself if the router or features you are looking at will benefit YOU the most ... based on YOUR needs.

A 3 step approach to help you pick the perfect router for your woodworking needs.

  1. Step 1 - Learn about the four main types of routers: fixed base, plunge, combination, or trim. (See the "Product Quick Links" below for execellent examples of each type.) Then and ask yourself, "Self, which router type makes the most sense for me?" Once you decide, you can focus your attention on models of that type. For example, you might find that a plunge router best suites your needs.
  2. Step 2 - Learn the router features/options that will enhance the wood routing activities you do the most. A wood router is basically a motor with a bit stuck on the end. All of the features available today simply make it easier, safer, or more efficient to use that basic combination. At the same time, remember that each feature you want will add to the final purchase price. So, the goal here is to find a balance between getting the features you want and keeping the purchase price within your budget.
  3. Step 3 - Find a great merchant who provides lots of information to help you along in your product research efforts. In our opinion, Rockler tops the list of wood product merchants. They offer a truly vast abundance of relevant, accurate, and helpful knowledge about wood routers (and just about anything else related to woodworking). To see what we're talking about, take a look at the excellent information Rockler provides, information that led to our purchase of a Porter-Cable 893PK Router Package. They have such a great way to show the features of a product! If you scroll down to the middle of the page, you'll find close up pictures of the router itself. Click on any picture and you see details, of the feature shown in the close up, right on there on the page in a little text box.

Over on the top right side of this page, you'll find related articles that will help you with steps 1 and 2. For step 3, go study Rockler and Amazon. Rockler provides a more focused researching experience. Amazon give you a huge selection in addition to a whole lot of great information. We use these two merchants for 90% or more of our router related purchase.

Each merchant features a state of the art online ordering system, complete with the latest safety features. They both have excellent return policies and outstanding customer service. Most importantly, these are large companies with great reputations who (we think) will be around for a long time. Thus, you can add them to your list of favorite places to shop online where you'll benefit from years of satisfying purchase experiences.

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Product Quick Links
New! Porter-Cable 892 Router PackageNew! Porter-Cable 892 Router Package
The NEW 890 series is loaded with great features to give you an easier-to-use, more powerful router. Ideal for all router table applications. This package includes 2-1/4 HP motor with fixed base and m..

New! Porter-Cable 892 Router Package


Porter Cable 3-1/4 HP Five-Speed Plunge Router, Model #7539Porter Cable 3-1/4 HP Five-Speed Plunge Router, Model #7539
Electronic five-speed with soft start 10,000, 13,000, 16,000, 19,000, 21,000 RPM...

Porter Cable 3-1/4 HP Five-Speed Plunge Router, Model #7539


New! Porter-Cable 893PK Router Packagetop pickNew! Porter-Cable 893PK Router Package
The NEW 890 series is loaded with great features to give you an easier-to-use, more powerful router. Ideal for all router table applications. This package includes 2-1/4 HP motor, fixed base, plunge b..

New! Porter-Cable 893PK Router Package


Porter Cable Trim RouterPorter Cable Trim Router
Excellent for trimming laminate plus general edge and corner trimming. Model #7310...

Porter Cable Trim Router


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